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Two Russian IL-76 military transport plane shot down – fake news

On 26th February the first Twitter reports began to surface claiming Ukraine had shot down two Russian IL-76 military transport planes. Later reports claimed that two US intel sources confirmed the downing of two aircraft in the area of Bila Tserkva and Vasilki, killing all crew (with 132 paratroopers KIA in both airplanes). The planes were supposedly on it’s way to the airport of Hostomel, where Russian VDV paratroopers had established control of the runway. According to intel reports, the plan was to establish an airbridge for other forces to join in the offensive and seize the capital of Ukraine.

The claims of shooting two IL-76’s are significant, especially when you look at the potential loss of life in this incident. In order to independely verify this claim, one would need to have some sort of visual evidence to back it up. The lack of evidence is telling. It is in stark contrast with the footage we have seen emerging quite fast after the downing of several Russian aircraft and helicopters. IL-76’s are large aircrafts, in the event of a shootdown there would be debris all over the place in a very large area. Pretty much unmissable and even visible from satellite imagery. The fact that there has not been one image or video speaks for itself. Some of the early reporting can be attributed to the fog of war, however realizing that there were reports coming out days after the supposed shootdown, one can conclude that this story indeed turned out to be propaganda.

First claim appearanceCurrent status
26th FebruaryFake news


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