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How to keep track of your job applications for free

When you are looking for a new challenge, it can be quite difficult to keep track of all your sent job applications. Because time is scarce and recruiters often focus on candidates that are an immediate fit for the position, your application may end up on the big pile waiting to be processed. Regardless of whether or not you would be invited for a job interview, you would want to know what the status is of your application. So, if you are serious about staying in the lead when it comes to your job applications it’s advisable to keep track of them yourself. In this article, I will provide you with the necessary means to track your applications for free.

Why should you keep track of your job applications?

The reasons to keep track of your job applications are quite simple. Recruiters and hiring managers are busy, they get lots of applications every day. Besides that, they tend to focus on applications that seem to be an immediate match with the vacancy. However, as a candidate with a genuine interest in the company you are applying at you at least deserve a fair chance of being reviewed. By tracking your job applications, you can keep an eye out for when you are not getting any feedback. Thereafter you can act upon that. Not only is it better for your chances of getting hired, but it is also quite helpful for yourself. When you have been sending lots of applications it can be hard to remember at which companies you have already applied. In order to avert that you apply more than once on the same vacancy, it is better to find a way to keep track of your job applications.

Using Google Spreadsheets

Of course, you could use a simple pen and paper to write down the companies you have applied at. But to really gain benefit from tracking your solicitations you should keep more information on every job. As we are all connected to the internet on our phones, tablets and laptops it would be ideal to be able to track your job applications on the go. That’s where Google Spreadsheets comes in. By using Google Spreadsheets, you can access your job application tracking file from every device and location. The only thing you will need is access to the internet.

There are multiple things you would want to add to this kind of spreadsheet. Things like contact person, link and date of sending your application are important data to keep track of it. To save you some work, I have included an example spreadsheet that you can use here. Just save it to your Google Drive account and you can edit this on any device and location.

The best iPhone and Android apps to track job applications

If you don’t like to use a spreadsheet, there are also many different mobile applications that you can use. The best applications to keep track of your solicitations are Apptracker by Memonade and JibberJobber. JibberJobber also has a website that you can use for this purpose.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with simply keeping track of applications by using a notebook (or not at all for that matter!) but if you are serious about your job-hunt you might want to consider one of the above options.

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