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How Brave is revolutionizing the advertising market

Google owns the majority of the advertising market on the World Wide Web. According to research from eMarketer the search ad market is being dominated by Google with a total market share of 73%. This translates to a staggering 40 billion US dollars in revenue. There are other companies such as Amazon and Facebook that are also sharing in this pie. But it is not the major tech companies that make Google worry yet. A relatively small but growing internet browser called Brave is.


Welcome to the new internet. Here your search history is no longer saved and shared with advertisers. No more unwanted cookies and trackers. It’s a future where you take back your privacy, get paid to surf and a fairer distribution of revenue for content creators. Sounds awesome, right? The cool thing is that this is no longer the future, it is already alive and kicking.

Brave is an internet browser that focusses on privacy, security and where you can earn money by enabling advertisements. It is open source and build on the chromium framework and blink-engine. The browser automatically blocks cookies, trackers and 3rd party scripts when you are viewing webpages. Of course, you can manually select to disable one of those features if necessary. The unique thing about Brave is that it doubles as a cryptocurrency. This means that you can earn so called Brave Attention Tokens (BAT) by simply browsing the internet and enabling privacy-respecting advertisements. The matching of advertisements and users happens directly in the browser. So, there is no way that your personal information is saved elsewhere or shared with third parties. By using Brave you are back in control over your own privacy and internet browsing experience. You determine whether or not you will see advertisements, how often and what kind of advertisements.

Better for you, better for content creators

As stated earlier, when you have enabled privacy-respecting ads in Brave you will get a share of the advertising revenue. Now the good thing is that you will get 70% of the revenue directly deposited into your BAT-wallet. This happens once every month. The BAT you have accumulated over time can be used to support content creators you love. Instead of letting them rely on advertising revenues you can show your support directly by gifting them your earned BAT’s. This even applies for Twitter users and YouTube content creators. In the near future, it will also be possible to directly withdraw the BAT you have earned.

Of course, there are always some critical notes to be said. In this case, the main challenge for Brave is going to be wide-adaptation of their browser and corresponding cryptocurrency. In a market that is tightly controlled by Google it is hard to gain traction. But even if they fail to gain a foothold in the advertising market, they still have an interesting privacy focused browser for offer that for most users will be a compelling option on its own.

Currently one Basic Attention Token is worth around 0,23 US dollars. With increasing demand and usage of Brave, this will only rise further. Brave browser is available for Windows, Android, iOS and Linux. If you are interested in supporting a future where you take back control of your own privacy, Brave can be downloaded from here.

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