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5 tips for creating high engagements posts on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most effective platform for reaching business related prospects. Just like any other social platform, LinkedIn has an algorithm that determines which posts show up on your followers’ timeline. So the big questions is: what can you do to make sure you get the best possible results from your posts on LinkedIn? In this article you will find the 5 best tips for creating high engagement posts on LinkedIn.

  • Video content

Believe it or not, video has been the next big thing on LinkedIn. Most viral and high engagement content on LinkedIn contains videos. We are not talking about super long informative videos here. It’s all about grabbing the attention of the watcher within a short amount of time. This is mostly because people spend less time on LinkedIn than on other social platforms. So long text posts on LinkedIn are less successful because people don’t spend so much time on the platform. At the same time, 30 seconds of video gives you way more time to convey more information to your target audience. Also, do not forget to add subtitles to your video as most users on LinkedIn watch videos with their sound off.

  • To the point content and the use of emoji’s

Using bullet points to convey your message is usually a very effective way. It is easy for people to read and doesn’t scare them away by looking like a big wall of text. To spice your posts a bit up, it is advisable to use emoticons. Don’t overdo it and be sure to keep it professional, then it can be a great addition to your posts.

  • Add images to text posts

Using images for your text posts make them more appealing. People tend to stop scrolling when they see an interesting photo on their timeline. That’s the few seconds you need to grab their attention. It is important to use professional photos for your posts (preferably matching the house style of your employer), so don’t grab the first image you see on Google.

  • Get your colleagues involved

The first hours of your LinkedIn post are crucial. To give your posts a little head start, you can ask your colleagues to like and share your posts to gain traction. Creating a culture where it is has become normal behavior to automatically like and share content of colleagues, is very helpful in gaining momentum for your posts on LinkedIn.

  • Be engaged on LinkedIn

By liking and commenting on other posts on your timeline, you will increase engagement with your connections. People will often return the favor when they see a post from you. LinkedIn is not just a broadcasting platform, be sure to interact with your connections to maximize the effectiveness of your own posts.

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